Selected Filmography

2010 BEAUTY OF OUR PAIN, director/camera, DV, 6minutes, Independent
2010 LICK (music video for Queenadreena), director/camera, CCTV, 3minutes, Independent
2009 SQUARE MILE, director, HD, 25minutes, Vertigo Heights
2008 LEBUÇÃO, camera operator, 16mm, 16minutes, LFS
2007 HOLIDAYS IN CUBATÃO, director/photography, VHS, 35minutes, LFS/Bela Filmes
2006 FRIENDS OF THE PEOPLE, writer/photography/production design, 35mm, 14minutes, LFS
2006 4 GUESTS, camera operator, 35mm, 12minutes, LFS
2006 FATIMA (working title), camera operator, DV, 30min, independent
2006 KOSHIRAKURA SERIE, director/photography/editor, video, independent
2005 THE OTHER LANDSCAPE, director, 16mm, 15minutes, LFS
2005 JOLIE ROUGE 19, writer/director/sound, 16mm, 4minutes, LFS
2005 FOUR LONDON TOWERS, director/camera, video installation, 8minutes, Arch Foundation
2005 BRIGITTE’s BARBECUE, writer/photography, 16mm, 6minutes, LFS
2004 THE DAY AFTER IS UNKNOWN, camera operator, video, 30minutes, Gosma Films
2004 MPS AMELAND director/photography/editor, video, 40minutes, independent
2003 THE GIRL AND THE FLAT, director/photography/editor, 16mm, 8minutes, independent
2002 ANARCHITECTUREPOEM, director/photography/editor, super8/video/stills, 16minutes, AA
2002 THE TEMPORARY ASSISTANT – director/photography/editor, DV, 8minutes, independent
2001 WHAT I CAN’T SEE I REMEMBER – writer/director/photography/editor, DV, 11minutes, AA
2001 AGAINST INTERPRETATION – director/photography/editor, DV, 1minute, independent